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"Very good advice! Even though my Molly isn't a puppy, she came from a rescue kennel and
potty training has been a huge issue. One thing that really has helped is limiting her access to
the whole house. If I am busy on the PC, she gets gated in the room with me, or same thing
when I am cleaning up the dinner dishes. I catch her circling, and take her right out. She
potties and gets lots of praise."
- Cheryl

"Crate Training worked literally wonders for my Golden within only a few weeks of getting her.
There were still a few accidents, but over all she picked it up very quickly and it helped to
confine those few slip ups to one, easily cleaned area rather than my carpet."
- LadyKiller

"This is valuable information that every pet owner should have. Thank you. Thank you for
sharing with all of us puppy owners."
- Patricia

"Very informative, great reference!"
- Connie

"Thank you for this valuable tool. My family and I put together our own pet First Aid kit in a
field box from the hardware store using your list of items. I will look for more of your e-books in
the future."
- Randace

"I wish that I had this information 11months ago, when I got my Boxer puppy. She is very
spoiled and does not behave when told to stop jumping on people. It is very stressful to
constantly keep her in line. I set a rule and my visitors then allow her to get away with her
wrong behavior, saying that  she is so cute as she stands on our coffee table. Now I am able
to stop her as she goes to step up."
- Linda

"Thank you for the article! I didn't know what to do in all those emergency situations! I feel
better about caring for my dog properly!"
- Rachel
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